Conference Schedule

FRIDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2014, 9:00-17:30, Heymanzaal, Academy Building


chair/responder: Dr Konstantina Georgelou (ArtEZ, University of Utrecht)

Dr Pascal Gielen (University of Groningen): Playing in the Camp

10:45-12:45: PANEL 1 – Politics of Representation and Theatre chair/responder: Anna Baskens (University of Groningen)

– Charlotte Poos (University of Utrecht): Contains Art: Unpacking the Politics of Theatre Through the Aesthetics of the Container.

– Julia Ostwald (University of Antwerp): Appropriation as an Approach to Intertwine Theory and Practice in the Production of Dance.

– Leen van der Meiden (University of Groningen): Invisible Theatre and Objecthood.

– Emma-Louise Roessling ((Justus Liebig University Giessen): Thanks for Sharing – A Performative Exploration of the Gap Between Spectator and Sponsor.

12:45-14:00: LUNCH BREAK 

14:00- 15:30: PANEL 2 – ‘Real’ (Flesh and Blood) Women and Men

chair/responder: Frank Max Müller (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

– Daphne Smets (University of Groningen): Sophie Calle: an artist in search of a narrator

– Dieter Brusselaerts (University of Antwerp): the Spectacles and the Automaton, or Optics and Mechanics in a Nineteenth-Century Opera: Media-Archaeological Allegory in Offenbach’s Les Contes d’Hoffmann

– Ryan Rockmore (University of Roehampton): Subverting the Masculine Aesthetic: Male flamengo dancers and the embodiment of the feminine style

15:45 – 17:15: PANEL 3 Theatricality of bodies, stages, images

chair/responder: Bram van Leuveren (University of Groningen)

– Elvira Crois (University of Antwerp): Sensitive Theatre: about perception, interaction and the senses.

– Romana Fennema (University of Groningen): Fabre: theatrical or not?

– Floor de Meyer (University of Antwerp): The Intrinsic Intermediality of Film: Fried versus Pasolini

17:30 – 19:00: WELCOME RECEPTION (Weber Foyer, Harmony Building)

SATURDAY 8th FEBRUARY 2013, 09:00-19:00, Grand Theatre Groningen

09:00- 10:30: KEYNOTE LECTURE

chair/responder: Dr Kurt Vanhoutte (University of Antwerp)

Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst (Justus Liebig University Giessen): Performance and Philosophy: On Commitment.

10:45-12:15: PANEL 1 – The (Presence of the) Artist as Representation

chair/responder: Joke Romp (University of Groningen)

– Anna Buskens (University of Groningen): Presence of an Artist.

– Georg Döcker (Justus Liebig University Giessen): Force – Ideal – Death: On Diderot’s paradox and the production of the aesthetic subject in theatre.

– Janina Arendt (Justus Liebig University Giessen): Emancipation and Subjection of the Virtual Self – The Fetish of Vitality.


chair/responder: Charlotte Poos (University of Utrecht)

– Ursina Tossi (ArtEZ): We’ve got to get in… to get out

13:15-14:15: LUNCH BREAK

14:15-15:45: PANEL 2: (Non) Meaning, Language and Communication

chair/responder: Else Tunemyr ((Justus Liebig University Giessen)

– Angele Donskoi (University of Antwerp): No Image Without Language.

– Kyle Bukhari (Roehampton University): Considerations and Uses for Non-Meaning in Dance.

– Thom van Duuren and Bram van Leuveren (University of Groningen): From Divination to Theory of Mind: second person interaction in ‘Both Sitting Duet’ (2002).

16:00-17:00: WORKSHOP

chair/responder: Daphne Smets

– Hamish MacPherson (University of Roehampton): Between Intuition and Analysis. 


Roundtable discussion between members of staff from all participant institutions.