Performance Philosophy: The Young would not be possible without the valuable help of the organizing team of students of the University of Groningen. These are:

Anna Buskens is an Arts Policy Masters student at Arts, Culture and Media studies. She has broad interests and these were also evident in her Bachelor thesis on the mystification of the female redhead. Theater, literature, art, music, and their influence on public opinion about these women was extensively studied. In her current Master Anna focuses more on theater and its social impact and importance.

Romana Fennema is an Arts Policy MA student in Arts, Culture and Media studies, University of Groningen. During her BA she followed many courses, but theatre and art sociology were her favorite subjects. In her Bachelor thesis she has researched the meaning of cultural entrepreneurship and how the government of the Netherlands and academics interpret the term itself. Currently, Romana focuses in her Master thesis on the subject globalization and how this influences theatres in different cities of the Netherlands.

Annemiek Lely is finishing her Bachelor thesis on theatre and (Jewish) cultural memory. She is fascinated by the mutual influence between arts and society. The expertise of Annemiek is both theatre and religion studies. She will attend the research master Art Studies at the University of Amsterdam in February 2014.

Francine Nijp is an Arts Policy MA student in Arts, Culture and Media studies, University of Groningen. She is currently working on her Master thesis on community arts and the artistic values and functions of this specific practice. Francine is very much interested in art sociology and policy, as well as in theatre and music studies.

Daphne Smets is studying for a Masters in Arts, Culture and Media at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, specializing in comparative art, theatre and literary studies. Her research interests are art and ethics, documentary in art and narrativity.



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